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The Personal Belongings Case is being used across the United States by facilities that want to help offset the rising cost of healthcare. With soaring medical care costs, and an increase of senior citizens entering long term care, many facilities have found that using the PBC greatly reduces their operating costs by eliminating the cost of replacements while the revenue saved can be used in other areas of the facility.

Our corporation offers a patented storage case specifically designed to hold hearing aids, dentures and eye glasses, three of the most commonly lost and broken items in any facility. When these items need replaced, generally it is the responsibility of your facility to pay for replacement costs. By using our storage case, you can effectively decrease the amount of revenue spent on replacing lost and broken

The Personal Belongings Case is latex free and is considered
non-hazardous by OSHA and certified for medical and food applications by the FDA. It is available directly from our company or through various medical equipment suppliers.

Popish Incorporated has been established with the goal of providing individuals with a product that is beneficial for personal convenience as well as economically beneficial. Our product is designed with the individual's personal needs in mind. We are committed to providing our customers with a quality product. Our company is managed by healthcare
professionals who understand that not only must our product be cost effective, but it must also meet the needs of residents, patients, staff and families.

POPISH Inc. is the proud Member of ...
National Association of Women Business Owners

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